Ten Ways Teachers Can Get Involved Right Now

Ten Ways Teachers Can Get Involved Right Now

1  READ the full A Kids’ Guide WEBSITE for information, especially the “DETAILS” page, and really try to understand this complex and innovative project. We’ve created things that have never existed before, and we promise you, explaining them takes more time than it will to use them!

2  SIGN UP on the MAILING LIST to get regular updates and early notification of special events.

3  CONTRIBUTE photographs of your students working on different projects to the Kids’ Guide to Canada team at akgtcanada@gmail.com. (Parent consent forms are required!)

4  START NOW with your students to LEARN ABOUT and RECORD EVENTS  in your home community (generally, the area within your school catchment area)

5  LEARN about the cultures of people who live in your own area with your students.

6  FOLLOW the PROJECT on TWITTER or FACEBOOK, and share the project with your colleagues, family, and friends.

7  PROMOTE the PROJECT with your school, family of schools, school district, Trustees, your Teachers’ Union/ Federation, friends, family, etc.

8  OFFER TO HELP your provincial committee or the national organizing team by contacting akgtcanada@gmail.com

9  SIGN UP on the Digital Human Library to begin connecting your class with other classes and experts on different topics.

10  READ the TRUTH & RECONCILIATION Summary Report and its Calls to Action

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And this is how change happens:  one person, one gesture, one moment in time.

 ~ Libba Bray