3 Creating Community Introductions

Creating Student Artifacts

This video gives an excellent overview of the ways your students can create and submit artifacts introducing their community in the Kids’ Guide to Canada project. 

Please remember that all of this section is PUBLIC, so if students are identified it must be by initials ONLY, and parental consent must have been obtained for:

  1. posting a piece of work created by their child
  2. posting a photograph where the child is present but not recognizable
  3. posting a photograph where the child is clearly recognizable

Please note that information on protecting the intellectual property rights of students can be found in the Digital Safety section.

EdTech Resources

The EdTech Resource section will provide you with all kinds of ideas and resources if your students wish to select and use different technology tool for their community introductions.



We’re putting a number of strategies in place to make sure that EVERY class is able to participate regardless of your access to technology! 

  • mail actual student artifacts to be photographed, uploaded, and returned to you
  • photograph and mail USB stick with student artifacts to be uploaded
  • Ontario classes access local internet services via Contact North – other provincial services to follow


D  EXAMPLES (currently under construction by teachers like you!)

Over the coming weeks, examples of student artifacts introducing their local neighbourhood community will be posted here, including:

  • Short Community Paragraph (for artifact entry form) 
  • Community Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Posters
  • Stories
  • Class Book (by book creator)
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Song
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Padlet – student posts of community introductions
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Models
  • Green Screen 
  • Coding and Minecraft
  • #KidsMatter