Lucky’s Adventures in Surrey BC

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Lucky’s Adventures in Surrey BC
Learn about Surrey BC “Lucky” from and the Gr. 3-4 students of Green Timbers Elementary School!
Canada Jay Circles of Friendship
Canada Jays – Creating Circles of Friendship across the Land In 2019-20, the Kids’ Guide to Canada team has begun a brand new Social Studies and Literacy activity: creating CIRCLES of FRIENDSHIP and LEARNING across the country. GOALS: To help students develop greater intercultural understanding, empathy, and respect, especially for Indigenous cultures (TRC 63.3) To create a Social Studies…
Lucky Visits REGINA
Learn about Regina Saskatchewan from “Lucky” and the Gr. 4 students of Pawson Elementary School! To watch this live student webcast, click this link between 11:45-12:00 EST on Nov. 14, 2019. Please check your time zone conversion below! Newfoundland Standard Time…1:30 -1:50 pm Atlantic Standard Time…………1:00 -1:20 pm Eastern Standard Time………12:00-12:20 pm Central Standard Time……….11:00-11:20 am Mountain Standard Time…….10:00-10:20 am…
Sept. 29, 2019. Lucky has left his home perch in SELWYN ONTARIO.. Nov. 1st Lucky has flown a huge distance, crossing over the Great Lakes and the SW corner of Manitoba with the help of some really strong winds, and arrived in Regina Saskatchewan. Nov. 15th Lucky has left his first stop in Regina. Where will he end up…