Autumn in Your Neighbourhood 

Grade:      K-8
Date:         October  9-13, 2017.   (no deadline)
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OBJECTIVESTo learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONSScience (seasonal change, adaptations, plants, animal habitats); Visual Art (colour, pattern, texture, composition)

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION:   This week challenge your students to investigate Autumn in their local neighbourhood, and then use photography or artwork to show what autumn is like within their community.

When is the official first day of autumn? When is the last? What kind of evidence can you find to show that the season is changing from summer to fall? And what kind of evidence will indicate that Autumn is over and Winter has begun?  What kind of changes do you see in the plants and animals of your local neighbourhood? What kinds of autumn smells do you notice in your neighbourhood? How do people change their habits in the fall, and how is this similar or different to the adaptations of plants and animals?


  • art materials
  • camera


Please share photographs of your students in action!
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