• To learn about and celebrate the diversity of communities and cultures throughout Canada.
  • To have fun doing so.



  • Social Studies/Geography (place and location; communities,  cultures)
  • Aboriginal/Indigenous Education 
  • Character Education



This activity is a fun and fast-paced trivia game about the many aspects of Canada. The questions cover all kinds of trivia – from very common facts about Canada to hilarious trivia that is completely weird and wacky.

10 sets of 5 questions are provided on each of the following topics:

FUN FACTS                 PEOPLE               PLACES 

SPORTS           ANIMALS         WEIRD & WACKY         




Students must listen and learn the answers as they go along — as they might end up being asked the same question later on! The first team to get a predetermined number of questions correct all in a row wins bragging rights for Trivia Champion of the Day.  (You decide the number based on the situation.)

The questions begin very easy, and slowly get more and more difficult. Teachers should preview the 12 sets of questions, and choose those most appropriate for their students. Full instructions are provided for download.

Enjoy a fun game and have everyone – including adults – learning at the same time!


MATERIALS NEEDED  (download and print)\





IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PREVIEW ALL QUESTIONS to ensure the content is appropriate for your students!


* 10 sets of multiple choice questions of increasing difficulty are provided.

* Each set contains 5 questions.

* Correct answers are underlined.

* Choose an appropriate number of questions based on your students’ age and the time you have to play. Examples’

…….use 2 sets of questions for a short 15 minute energizer with Gr 3 students …….use 4 sets of questions for a 40 minute game with Gr 7-8 students

* Identify a time limit for answering each question. i.e. a 30-second maximum (this is meant to be a fast-moving game!) 

* Read all of the questions in each set in numerical order, regardless of which team is “at bat” and whether the last question was answered correctly or incorrectly.

* Continue until all of the questions in all of the sets of questions you’ve chosen have been asked and answered. Then go back to the beginning and read the questions all over again. Continue doing this until one of the teams wins the game, or the time is up.

TO WIN THE GAME the team at bat needs to answer all of the questions in today’s game correctly, without any wrong answers.

Example:  using 3 sets: People, Sports, + Fun Facts

Team A gets Question #3 in the People set wrong, Team B takes over.

Team B must now answer question #4 in the People set.

If correct, the next person on Team B must now answer People question #5 and so on, until then the 5 questions in the Sports and Fun Facts sets, and then questions # 1, 2, and 3 in the People have been asked and answered.


When students seem to be learning the correct answers and the suspense is building to get all of the questions answered correctly and win, it’s really helpful to record the question number when a new team takes over so that everyone knows where a team must start and stop to win the game for today. The suspense starts to build as they get close!!


You’re welcome to read these verbatim to your students. They are provided to help you ensure you explain everything!

“This is a game of Canadian Trivia, and it’s meant to be interesting and fun. You’re not going to know all the answers at first – nobody does, not even me! A lot of the questions are rather weird and wacky – in fact one category is CALLED “Weird and Wacky”!

You’re going to need to listen very carefully to everyone else’s questions and answers, because the goal is for your team to learn the correct answer to every single question in order to win the game!

No big prizes today – but members of the first team to answer all  [ ie 20 ] questions in a row correctly without stopping will win the highly cherished international bragging rights as the “Great Canadian Kids’ Trivia Challenge Champions of the Day!”

There are 5 multiple choice questions on each topic. 

We are going to play with questions on [i.e. minimum of 2] topics about Canada today, so we’ll have a total of  [i.e. 10] questions in our game.  We’ll use the questions on the other topics another time.

<<  Teacher: Take time to form 2 teams now! >> The students will listen much better if they’re not tying to set up their own teams while you give the rules to the game.

<<  Have someone on each team write down the people on their team and keep everyone in the same order. It would be useful if this student could keep prompt the next person at bat to help keep the game moving.)




1.  One team at a time is “up to bat”

2.  Only one person from that team is “up to bat”.

3.  Each person only has ONE multiple choice question to answer when they are up to bat, and then you are finished until your turn comes around again.

4. There is a time limit on how long you have to answer the question. It is…. (tchrs: 30 seconds can be too LONG!)

5.  You may not ask the anyone else for an answer.   (As always, teachers can make exceptions, and allow a Special Situation “Call a Friend, “Ask an Expert” card,  etc.)

*** Remember *** It’s virtually impossible for ANYONE to know all of the answers to these questions, even adults, simply because many of them are based on random and bizarre pieces of Canadian Trivia! We’re here to have some fun and learn about Canada, so just pick one of the multiple choices, and have some fun with this!

6. I can only tell you if the answer is “Correct” or “Incorrect”.  I can’t give the correct answer, so everyone is going to need to listen very carefully and remember the answers that are WRONG — and right! These same questions are going to come around again, so you may need to answer that very question next time you’re up to bat!

7.  If someone answers their question correctly, then the next player on their team is up to bat. As long as everyone on the same team answers their question correctly, then that team gets to continue playing.

8.  Each time a new person is up to bat, I will give them the NEXT QUESTION on the list. We have to go through all of the questions we’re using today, before we start again at the beginning.

9. If someone answers their question incorrectly, then it’s the other team’s turn to play. This is a fast-paced game, so your team will be up to bat again very quickly!

10.  Yelling Out Answers:

A.  If someone on the OTHER team blurts out the correct answer to someone’s question, this counts as a correct answer for the team at bat!

B.  If someone on the SAME team as the person at bat blurts out the correct answer, then this counts as a correct answer for the OTHER TEAM, and now the other team is up to bat. Ouch.

9. Once all of the questions in today’s game have been asked and answered, we will return to the first question in the first set, and start answering the same questions all over again. 

The first team to be able to answer all [….] questions correctly without stopping wins bragging rights as the Trivia Champions of the Day. 

Hopefully, you’ll have been listening and learning from the questions and answers as we go along, because YOU might get that question next time you are at bat! (-:  

Listen Carefully and Have Fun!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~


PLEASE share photographs of your students in action!


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