Community Quilt

Community Quilt

Community Quilt

Download and print the document here: CommunityQuilt

Grades:  K-8

Date:   February 6, 2016 – N/A (no deadline)

Time:   12:00 am – N/A

Share: Upload pictures to Twitter

Hashtag:  #akgtcSA1

Activity Description:

This activity can be interpreted in many different ways, and to that, we welcome all ideas. What we are looking for is a sign/symbol/drawing of what your class feels is important not only in their community, but also in their daily lives. This can include the plants, trees, animals, masks, clothes, etc. that are unique to your community, or family, friends, pets, etc. that are important in your students’ lives. Students can draw this using any medium – pencil, pencil crayon, paint, charcoal, pastel, etc. and it can be on any type of background – whiteboards, paper, construction paper, etc. so long as all of the quilt pieces are made of the same materials to keep the visuals coherent.

Once all students have completed their piece of the culture quilt, the teacher will arrange them in a quilt formation and take a picture of the student works.

This is not meant to be a difficult activity.

Share: Upload pictures to Twitter and share using the hashtag #akgtcSA1

Objectives/ Learning Goals: To learn, value, and appreciate the various cultural elements that are present in Canada and its communities.

Activity Materials: Paper materials (construction paper/whiteboards/printing paper), drawing materials (paint /pastel/charcoal/pencil crayon), documenting tool (camera)

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