Connected Learning Leadership Program

Connected Learning Leadership Program

Connected Learning Leadership Program

Develop your skills in leading a collaborative


with other classes across Canada

Participate in 5 leadership sessions while your class participates in one of our Seeds of Friendship circles! Learn to how to plan and lead your own effective circle of learning, how to host effective class meet-ups online, and how to prevent classes from dropping out from your circle — all while having the ongoing help and support of an AKGTC team.


CONNECTED LEARNING LEADERSHIP CIRCLE [5 leadership sessions for teachers from Feb 15 to May 31]

GOAL: To help teachers develop skill in creating and leading effective collaborative learning circle/s online


  • Leaders: AKGTC team of Cathy Beach and Leigh Cassell
  • Participants: K-8 teachers who apply with appropriate skills
  • Timing: 
    • Date: 5 Tuesdays from Feb 15 to May 31
    • Time of Day: 7:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Requirements:
    • Time available to commit to this program
    • Class technology (computer, webcam and microphone)
    • Reliable internet service
    • Personal skills (see below)
  • Online Sessions:
    • 1  Introduction, Overview, Project Management
    • 2  Seeds of Friendship program and sprouting instructions
      • participants are asked to complete the sprouting activity at home to become familiar with the activity
    • 3  Running the Planning Meeting and hosting an online Class meetup
      • (April 1 – Circles of Friendship begin…)
    • 4  Check-In: discoveries and/or needs?
      • (May 13 – Circles of Friendship end…)
    • 5  Feedback and Follow-up
  • Ongoing Support:
    • As you go through your Seeds of Friendship program with your circle of classes, ongoing support from the the AKGTC team will be available to you.
    • Wherever possible, one of the team will be available to support you in leading your online session/s.

Personal Requirements

Because this is a leadership program, we hope participants have the following skills in place. When registering, please attach a brief video explaining what you wish to get out of the program.

  • EXPERIENCE running some kind of group or project  
  • BASIC TECH SKILLS – email, video-conferencing, Google tools.
    • Track record of seeing things through to the end 
    • Strong organization and time management skills
    • Interpersonal skills for outreach and support
    • Communication and collaboration skills  
    • Critical thinking & problem solving skills  
    • Project Management skills (preferred but not required)
  • VIDEO Application: What you wish to get out of the program?