Connecting with the North

Connecting with the North

Are you excited to connect your class with another class from one of our Northern Territories? So are we!!

 And so are a hundred thousand other classes across Canada.

But we have some bad news. The 2016 Census lists the total population of the 3 territories at 113,604. With Canada having a population of 35,151,728, that makes about 310 people for every individual living in the north.

So imagine 310 classes across Canada for every single class in the north…  And then whittle that down further to classes who are INTERESTED in connecting with a class outside of the north, and who have the means to do so.  Then reduce that number again by the number of classes where students don’t study English in their early years.

So thousands of teachers like you and I are going to need to either change our hopes and expectations, or be very disappointed.

Connecting classes – even connecting schools – with individual classes in the Arctic is pretty close to impossible. The interest and demand from the ‘south’ far FAR exceeds the very limited number of classes in the Arctic interested and able to do so. 

This is why we’re working so hard on asking these classes to present their communities through the Kids’ Guide to Canada. And even this is turning out to be a long and challenging path.  We predict the very few classes who have responded to the Kids’ Guide project are going to be totally overwhelmed by the amount of correspondence they’ve already started to receive.

So if you decide to send some correspondence to any of the schools in the north, please be aware that our own collective experience has been one of sending out repeated emails and phone calls, and often receiving no response at all. 

What A Kid’s Guide to Canada is doing:

1. INVITATIONS:  We are printing and sending personal invitations to every school in the 3 northern territories, encouraging them to participate in AKGTC, and providing them with some assistance to do so. We hope enough classes will come forward and help to create an exciting resource of community introductions from students in the north for the million of students in the south.

2. LIVE and RECORDED WEBCASTS:  We are planning to help a dozen remote classes across the country create a webcast from their community. Live camera spots for classes across Canada will be available on a random draw basis. These webcasts will be recorded for later viewing to help ensure that all students in Canada can meet and hear from students in remote and isolated areas.

So what can YOU do?

PERSONAL INVITATION CAMPAIGN:  If you would like to help tell the students in the north that we are genuinely interested in learning from them about their communities, please let us know. We will provide you with the name and addresses of up to 5 schools, asking you to have your students create personal invitations for the different grade classes in those schools, encouraging them to participate in the Kids’ Guide to Canada project and share their community with the children of Canada. ALL of the children of Canada.

More information can be obtained by filling out this survey.

Hope this helps, and wishing you and your students all the best.

Cathy Beach, Founder and National Co-ordinator AKGTC