Cultural Communication Lessons & Activities

This page is a working collection of activities for classes to use in exploring the topic of cultures, and communicating and building relationships with others of a different culture.

We’re hoping some of you will try these out and to comment on their usefulness, and add any modifications needed to make them more effective for others. As well, we welcome your contributions! What lessons are using to teach students about different cultures and cross-cultural communication?

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Discussion/ Activity Questions

What is a community?
Who lives in your community?
What is your Culture? What is your Heritage?  What’s the difference?
What is important to you in your life?  Why?
What places and people do you value in your community?  Why?
What do you want others to know about you and your community?  Your culture?
How do you make friends with someone of another culture?
What does “respecting someone of another culture” actually mean and look like?

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Classroom Resources and Activities

Learning about Culture

1  Help Students Explore their Identity (teacher lesson ideas)

2  Discovering my Identity (activity)

3  Learning about Culture and Ethnicity K-8  (activity)

4  Diversity Activity K-8  (download activity) foster awareness and understanding of the verbal and nonverbal barriers to communication in a culturally diverse context

5  Cultural Studies Lessons Teacher toolkit full of lessons and activities which explore generalizations & stereotypes, culture & values,cultural awareness, and the value of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Examples:

6 How to Create Culturally Competent Classrooms

7  Global Storytelling and How it Can Impact Students

Learning About Social Justice

1. Racism Hurts (4-6)  (activity)

2  Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice  (activity)

3  A Social Justice Approach to Teaching (K-8)   a series of suggested activities for each grade based on a variety of texts and related resources.


Cultural Digital Citizenship

1  Cultural Digital Citizenship Lessons from Media Smarts

2  The Lie  In this video, fourth-graders “describe bad stereotypes they’ve heard about people who look like them.” You can read more about it in The Washington Post article, Ten-year-olds tackle ‘The Lie’ of demeaning stereotypes in video *NOTE: Please watch the video prior to sharing with your students since the content may be too sensitive for viewers.

Questions about integrating Cross Cultural Communication and Lessons into your Classroom Program should be directed to Rusul Alrubail

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Professional Development Resources for Teachers


1  What is Intercultural Competence? The Iceberg analogy was first proposed by Edward T. Hall in his 1976 book, Beyond Culture. Like an iceberg, only a fraction of culture is visible, manifested through customs, language, physical appearance. The majority of culture is hidden from view and expressed implicitly, through deep-held values and preferences*

2  Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

3  The Globally Competent Teaching Continuum  The resources listed on this website include a continuum for educators based on your current level of experiential understanding of multiple cultures. By clicking on the description that applies to you in the continuum, you will find classroom demonstration videos, lesson plans, resources, and professional development to help you move forward in your cultural understanding

Teaching Intercultural Communication  a slideshow for teachers with information about how to teach intercultural communication

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