Digital Human Library

The Digital Human Library (dHL)* has partnered with A Kids’ Guide to Canada to create opportunities for Cross-Canada Class Connections -Part 3 of the Kids’ Guide to Canada Project! Classes are encouraged to use the Digital Human Library to find and connect with one another to engage in deeper cross-cultural conversations about their communities, land, people, and heritage.

To find classes across Canada using the dHL, simply log in to the Digital Human Library with the username and password you created when registering for A Kids’ Guide to Canada. Once you’ve logged in you can begin searching the dHL by keyword to locate classes across the country! More information about using the Digital Human Library can be found on the dHL website.

If you have any questions about using the Digital Human Library, please contact Leigh Cassell.

*The Digital Human Library is a not-for-profit organization connecting Canadian teachers and students with each other, and with hundreds of organizations and experts around the world who are delivering interactive curriculum-based programs using video conferencing technology – for free!