First Snowfall SA24

Winter comes to Canada


  • Grade:        K-8
  • Date:           Autumn 2017   (no deadline)
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  • Hashtag:  Please share student works, and photographs of your students completing this activity using the hashtag #akgtcsa

OBJECTIVES / LEARNING GOALS:  To learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION:  When does the first snowfall of the winter happen in different communities across Canada?  Have you already had your first snowfall?

This week we have a very simple challenge to your students – record and share a photograph of the first snowfall which covers the ground, whenever it happens. Remember to include the DATE and LOCATION!  (Snow flurries in the air don’t count unless the ground gets white!) And if you have already have snow, take a picture and estimate when the snow first covered the ground in your community.

From all of the different class entries, we will create an animated slide show showing how winter comes to Canada.


  • Digital devices
  • Teacher or Class Email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account



Please share photographs of your students in action!

However please be sure to keep student identities out of any Special Activity pictures you share.