Elementary students are at the heart and soul of this project. If you are a student, you are encouraged to start thinking about the kind of content you might like to create to honour and introduce your home community to the children and youth of Canada.

We are committed to keeping students safe online in this public and enormous project, so project accounts are only available to your classroom teacher. While all content is to be created by students, only your classroom teachers will be able to upload your content to the interactive map of Canada in a safe and secure manner.


If you are a student wanting to participate in this project, please talk with your classroom teacher — and if they haven’t heard about the Kids’ Guide, please show them this website and the Kids’ Guide map.


There’ll be plenty of special opportunities for students to take a leadership role in this project. We’ll be looking for students to create logos, to help lead national webcasts and podcasts, and to do things like help to create a project video.

Please contact if you would like to take a leadership role, or have any other questions or suggestions!