Formulaires de consentement des parents

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Formulaires de consentement des parents


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Dear Teachers:

The parent letter and consent form above have been specifically designed for the Kids’ Guide to Canada Project.

All students participating in the project require signed parental permission if any of their work is to be used and published on the Kids’ Guide website – i.e. student artwork, a photograph used in a student work, a story, etc.

The letter informs parents of their child’s participation in this exciting learning activity, and explains digital safety measures in place, and the protection of their child’s intellectual property rights using a Creative Commons License.  (Please see the section “Using Internet Content Legally and Ethically” to learn more about this topic.)

The parent consent form specifically asks parents to indicate if they give their consent OR NOT for posting

  • their child’s work
  • personal images which do not include their child’s face, and
  • recognizable images of their child’s face.

Please make sure that every parent has completed this section and signed the consent form at the bottom.

Once completed and returned, it is each teacher’s responsibility to keep these signed parental consent forms in a safe place for the duration of the project.

Thank you!