Learn an Indigenous Language

  • Grade:       K-8
  • Date:          Nov. 13 -17, 2017.   (* This activity can be completed at any time)
  • Share:        Upload student work and photographs of students completing the activity to TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, or email to akgtcanada@gmail.com
  • Hashtag:  Please share photographs using the hashtag #akgtcsa



  1. Students will learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of Indigenous communities across Canada: First Nation, Métis, and Inuit languages and cultures.


  1. Social Studies/Geography (Indigenous People and Languages of Canada)
  2. Literacy: Oral Language, Reading, Writing (Indigenous language skills)



This week’s challenge is to engage your students in a short inquiry into Canadian Indigenous languages. Learn about the Indigenous people of Canada from a variety of sources, and translate interesting and relevant words or sentences.  

What do your students wants to learn? The alphabet? A friendly greeting? Names of local plants and animals?

Invite a local Indigenous speaker into your classroom to teach the class a few words, or check our website and Twitter stream for Indigenous language resources. Then record your students speaking their newly learned words, or have them draw pictures and label them with Indigenous words or sentences!

Submit pictures and student works using the hashtag #akgtcsa or email them to akgtcanada@gmail.com


* This is just a starter collection of resources for learning to speak different Indigenous languages in Canada. Please let us know of others by emailing akgtcanada@gmail.com  – with thanks from all teachers and students across Canada.

A.   Learning to speak different languages:

  • FirstVoices  (available in both English and French) Use the Choose a Language menu along the top to select a languageScreen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.41.31 PM.png


B.  Background Information: