KidsMatter Collage  SA21

KidsMatter Collage SA21

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KidsMatter Collage – How Will I Matter This Year?   SA21


  • Grades:      K-8
  • Date:          September 11-15, 2017.  (open until June 30/18)
  • Share:        1) Upload pictures of collages to Twitter  or Instagram
  •                    2) Email to
  • Hashtag:   #akgtcsa



To celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada



Welcome back from summer! Every week, the Kids’ Guide project challenges K-8 students to capture and share the beauty and uniqueness of their neighbourhood community to the children of Canada through the eyes of the children who live there. Participate one week’s activity, or participate in them all!

This week’s challenge is the creation of word collages or picture collages. Ask your students to pick important words which represent their academic or personal goals for the year. Discuss how kids truly matter, and challenge them to envision themselves making a positive difference in their family, their school, their local community, and/or for themselves in the coming year.

Challenge your students create a #KidsMatter collage with these words or images using a creative format such as drawing, printmaking, writing, or online tools such as Wordle, Word Cloud, etc. Share your students’ creations with the hashtag #akgtcSA or email it to




PLEASE share photographs of your students in action! 

However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.

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