#KidsMatter Collage

#KidsMatter Collage – How Will I Matter This Year?




Let your students show Canada the unique features of their community, through their own eyes! Every week, we will come out with a new challenge that captures the beauty and charm of your community! Pick one, or participate in them all!


This week’s challenge: ask your students to pick one word(s) that represents their academic or personal goals for the year. Challenge them to think how they are going to make a positive difference in their school, community and/or for themselves this year. Pick a creative format such as a Wordle, Word Cloud, drawing, printmaking, writing etc. and create a #KidsMatter collage. Share it with the hashtag #akgtcsa21 or Email it to akgtcanada@gmail.com


When?  Sept 11, 2017  –  (no deadline)


How?   See https://akgtcanada.com/kidsmatter/


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