KidsMeet Canada – webcast info

KidsMeet Canada – webcast info

KidsMeet Canada Webcasts

One of A Kids’ Guide to Canada’s main goals is to connect classes across Canada to help teachers and students develop greater intercultural understanding and respect. 

One of the most exciting ways we do this by hosting live national class webcasts.

COMING January to June 2022

(as long as we have enough presenting classes)

If you are interested, please get in touch!

  • KidsMeet Arctic Darkness and Cold – JANUARY 26, 2022
  • KidsMeet Canada en français – FSL, END of FEBRUARY 2022
  • KidsMeet Canada – WINTER 2022
  • KidsMeet a Spring Challenge! – 1st week APRIL 2022
  • KidsMeet Nova Scotia – May 2022
  • KidsMeet Newfoundland – early June 2022


Students from different locations across Canada present a VERY short class introduction in order to teach students across Canada what it’s like to live in their local community. Students do not introduce themselves personally; instead, they are challenged to introduce what it’s like in the neighbourhood where they live and go to school!

After the short presentation, students answer questions posed by classes in the audience in a live Q+A. This is usually the most exciting part of the webcast!

Presenters need to be registered AKGTC classes so the Kids’ Guide team can assist the teacher and students in preparing and presenting their material, and posting it to the map after the webcast is over.


BY-INVITATION-ONLY: Depending on the requirements for consent in the jurisdiction of the presenting class/es, webcasts are either broadcast publicly or privately. In either case, the LINK to the live webcast is only provided to officially registered “Kids’ Guide to Canada” teachers and classes, whether they are participating as presenters or as part of the audience.

Where permissible, teachers of the presenting class/es are invited to share the link of the live event with the student’s so that their families can also watch their presentation. Both teachers and parents are asked not to share the link with any others; however there is no way to stop someone from doing so if they decide to do this.

RECORDINGS: KidsMeet Canada webcasts are recorded, and where permissions are in place, they are posted as “Unlisted” on our YouTube Channel.

Recordings are also posted on our KidsMeet Canada webcast archive for classes who were not able to attend the live event. This also allows classes in the Kids’ Guide project who may not have been able to watch the live event to see the webcast. While the archive is not password protected, a member of the general public would need to visit and search our website for hours to find these, as they are also unlisted.


STUDENTS in the AUDIENCE do not appear on camera: no additional permissions are required beyond your local Acceptable Use Policies for using an internet resource for learning

PRESENTING TEACHERS: The teacher must obtain consent from their administrator, as student participation must fall within the acceptable use policies of the school board or district. This specifically refers to students participating in a video-conference with individuals outside of the classroom, as well as having student images and work posted on the internet. Individual students are not identified by name, however the name of the school and teacher is identified.

PRESENTING STUDENTS: Students who either present on camera or are visible on camera in the background must have parent or guardian permissions to participate and for their image to be posted publicly on the internet. No student names are given, however the audience will know that these students attend the school in the given location.

A KIDS GUIDE TO CANADA REQUIRED CONSENT: Because these webcasts are created by A Kids’ Guide to Canada, we feel a legal responsibility to obtain additional parental consent for all students in a presenting class, whether they appear on camera or not. We provide a fully-prepared letter and consent form for this purpose.

Teachers are asked to obtain signed consent for each participating student on this form, and to email us stating that consent has been obtained for each participating student. These emails are maintained as a record that the Kids’ Guide project ensured that it had obtained parent/guardian consent for the participation of each student in the presenting class/es.

We have a lot of ideas for future webcasts, however in order for these to happen, we need classes to present them! Please get in touch if you would be interested in having students present your local community in one of these!


  • Language
    • KidsMeet Canadian Poetry
    • KidsMeet in…. (Indigenous, Spanish, Punjabi, Mandarin, any language!)
  • Geography and Physical Regions
    • KidsMeet the Rockies
    • KidsMeet PEI
    • KidsMeet Quebec
    • KidsMeet the Pacific Coast
    • KidsMeet Cape Breton Island
    • KidsMeet the Yukon
    • KidsMeet the Boreal Forest
    • KidsMeet (any Great Canadian River)
  • Cultures
    • KidsMeet …First Nation Reserve 
    • KidsMeet …Métis Community
    • KidsMeet …Inuit Community
    • KidsMeet Black History / Black Lives Matter 
    • KidsMeet Every Child Matters    
    • KidsMeet a Forestry Town in Canada
    • KidsMeet a Mining Town in Canada
    • KidsMeet a Fishing Village
  • Environmental Issues
    • KidsMeet Canadian Wildlife Habitats
    • KidsMeet Student Habitat Conservation Efforts
    • KidsMeet Clean Water
    • KidsMeet Sustainable Development Goals
    • KidsMeet (environmental issue)
  • Social Issues
    • KidsMeet New Canadians
    • KidsMeet Canadian Immigration
    • KidsMeet Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity
    • KidsMeet Black History / Black Lives Matter 
    • KidsMeet Every Child Matters    
    • KidsMeet Sustainable Development Goals
    • KidsMeet Human Rights
  • Grade Level Connections 
    • Kindergarten KidsMeet
    • Primary KidsMeet
    • Intermediate KidsMeet

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