Learn from an Elder

Thanksgiving Writing and Media Challenge

  • Grade: K-8
  • Date:   October  2-6, 2017.   (no deadline)
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  • Hashtag:  Please share student works and photographs of your students completing this activity using the hashtag #akgtcsa

OBJECTIVES:  1.  To learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.  2. To examine historical change in a local community  3.  To develop interview skills.

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS  Literacy (interview skills, writing, oral communication), History (patterns and change)


What was life in the community like many years ago? What can seniors tell students about the community they live in now?

This week, challenge your students to think of any senior or elders they know in their community, and to interview them over the Thanksgiving Weekend. Or  invite an elder as a special guest into your classroom, or arrange a visit to a local Senior’s Residence, and have your students learn  about their community in the past.

Whether your students interview grandparents, parents, Indigenous elders, or ocal seniors, what questions would they like to ask? What would they like to know about life in their community in the past? And how do they plan to record their answers? Will they use an audio or video tool on a digital device? Or will they record their answers by hand?

This is NOT a photo challenge! This is a writing and media challenge.  Permission should be obtained if  students wish to post a video of another person on the internet. A handwritten note to that effect, dated and signed, should be obtained by the student and provided to the teacher before interview content is posted on the internet.


  • Interview Questions
  • Paper and pencil/pen
  • Digital devices
  • Permission for internet posting



Please share photographs of your students in action! However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.