Reading the Map

Join teachers across Canada as they begin to post student artifacts on the                      Kids’ Guide to Canada map!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 8.36.34 AM.png

Click on the map to go to the INTERACTIVE MAP DASHBOARD

to view community introductions by K-8 student from across Canada!



Step 1:  USE the ZOOM BUTTON to zoom in to any area of special interest. 


Step 2:  CLICK on ANY DOT. The name of the community (or neighbourhood within a city) will appear in a white rectangle on the map.



3.  READ the ARTIFACT INFORMATION BOX on the LEFT side of the screen. 


The artifact information box provides all kinds of information about the class that uploaded the artifacts, and the artifacts they have uploaded to introduce their community.


4. CLICK the ENLARGE BUTTON at the top right corner of the Artifact Information Box. 


Now the information box open up in FULL SCREEN, making it easier to read!


5.  Check the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of the full screen to see how many entries are in this location.  

< 1 of 6 > means there are 6 different entries at this location.

These could be 6 different classes at the same school, or 6 completely different schools! So check carefully to determine the name of the school at the top of each page. 

USE the RIGHT ARROW to click through each different school or class entry.  



6.  CHECK the BOTTOM of the full screen to see how many photographs the class has uploaded.  

< 1 of 3 > means the class has uploaded 3 photographs for you to see. 

Use the RIGHT ARROW to view their photographs. 



7.  CHECK the LAST LINE OF INFORMATION to check if the class has provided a LINK to artifacts posted on their own class websites.

5 FindingArtifactLink.jpg

COPY and PASTE ANY LINK(S) INTO YOUR BROWSER to see the videos, slideshows, animations, collections of photographs, audio recordings, etc. that the class has shared.



Sometimes when you click on a location, a number of dots become highlighted. This has happened because there are a number of artifacts located in the same area. 



8.   USE THE ZOOM BUTTON to zoom in closer, and to separate each location. 

In this case, there are still 5 different locations highlighted, but the information box and the community name box both say < 1 of 8 > meaning there are 8 different artifact entries at these 5 locations.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.28.05 PM.jpg

If you zoom in closer and click on a specific location, the map will tell you if there are more than one entry at this same location; in the case below, there are 3 entries for Squamish BC.