It’s Music Monday!

It’s Music Monday!

It’s Music Monday!

Click here to download this activity:  sa12 MusicMonday

Grades:       K-8

Date:           May 1, 2017 —  (no deadline)


  1. Upload pictures to Twitter   or
  2. Email to

Hashtag:     #akgtcsa12



To celebrate uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada


  • “Sing for joy, Sing for sorrow. Sing for light, For tomorrow.
  • Sing for truth, Sing for freedom.
  • Let the music take you, take you, take you home…”

It’s #MusicMonday and this week we’re challenging students from coast to coast to share their music! If you’re singing this year’s theme song “Sing it Together/Chanson Tous Ensemble”, record your class or school singing or playing it, and share it on Twitter, Instagram, send it by email, or upload it to the map.

And if you’re not – we still want your students to share their music! Kids across Canada would love to hear them speak, sing, read aloud, drum, play instruments, or even chant! Anything with a rhythm that moves the body and soul. Practice it, record it, and let your students share in music across the land!


  • Any recording device (camera, phone, computer, hand-held recording device, etc.)
  • #MusicMonday music and lyrics (English, French, and other languages):



  • Voice Record (on cell phones and tablets)
  • Free online Voice Recorder
  • Audacity                  
  • iMovie                      
  • SpeakerPipe           




If you plan to share photographs or video of your students this week,

please ensure that they are not identified by name.