SA18  Mystery Class Challenge #2     

SA18 Mystery Class Challenge #2     

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Mystery Class Challenge #2    SA18

  • Grades:     K-8
  • Date:   June 19-23, 2017
  • Submit:    Email your answers to
  • Share:        Upload student work and photographs of students completing the activity to TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, or email to
  • Hashtag:  Please share using the hashtag #akgtcsa



To celebrate uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada



This week, we’ve selected ONE location from the artifacts uploaded to the Kids’ Guide to Canada interactive map to be our first Great Canadian Mystery Challenge location.

Please note that the choices are restricted to classes which have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada MAP.

Using ONLY the 5 clues provided on our website, your students’ challenge is to discover the mystery location without extra teacher assistance!

All classes identifying the location correctly will be listed on our website, and the FIRST class in each division (Pr–Jr–Int) to submit the correct answer will be given bragging rights for the summer for being the BEST AKGTC SLEUTHS in JUNE!

Tell your students to get their detective skills ready!



– interactive Kids’ Guide to Canada map

– Canadian Atlas /Almanac



PLEASE share photographs of your students in action! 

However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.



Day 1:  The town/city is located farther north than Alymer, Ontario and farther south than Thompson, Manitoba. (i.e. latitude)

Day 2:  The population of the town/city is between 10 000 and 20 000.

Day 3:  The name of the town/city has 8 letters in it.

Day 4:  The town/city has the Sea to Sky Highway going through it.

Day 5:  The community quilt made by this class was created with stamps.


Answer:  Squamish, BC

CORRECT RESPONSES received according to time stamp:


  1. Gr 3-4  Essex PS TDBS Jessica Haber
  2. Gr 3-4 Mamquam Elementary, Squamish BC Beth Smith


  1. Gr 5-6 Eaglesham School, Eaglesham, Alberta  Janet Collie,
  2. Gr 3-4 Mamquam Elementary, Squamish BCBeth Smith
  3. Gr 5    Fraser School, Edmonton, AB  Kara Aitkin
  4. Gr 4-5  McGregor PS, Aylmer ONJay Dubois
  5. Gr 6    Elizabeth Ann Seton ONYolanta Krawiecki