Mystery Class Challenge #7  SA43

Mystery Class Challenge #7 SA43



Mystery Class Challenge #7


  • Grades:      K-8
  • Date:          June 4 – 11, 2018  (This activity can be completed at any time, although “Top Sleuth” challenge closes Monday June 11th, 2018.)
  • ANSWER:  Email your official answer to
  • Share:  Share photographs of your students working on the mystery to Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, using the hashtag #akgtcsa or tagging @akgtcanada or A Kids’ Guide to Canada.
  • Hashtag:   #akgtcsa




  1. Students will develop grade-appropriate knowledge of Canada’s physical and political geography.
  2. Students will develop grade-appropriate map reading skills.
  3. Students will learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.



  • Social Studies/Geography (Communities of Canada, Regions of Canada, Map Reading skills)
  • Literacy (Reading)
  • 21st Competencies/Learning Skills (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Problem-Solving Skills)



This week, we’ve selected ONE class from all of the classes who have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada interactive map to be our third Great Canadian Mystery Challenge location.

Please note that the mystery class choices are restricted to classes which have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada map.

Using the 5 clues provided on our website and on social media, your students’ challenge is to discover the mystery class location without extra teacher assistance!

When your students have come up with their FINAL ANSWER, please email it to .  Only email submissions will be accepted. Please note that if you submit multiple guesses, only the first answer will be accepted.

All classes identifying the location correctly will be listed on our website below, and the FIRST class in each division (Pr–Jr–Int) to submit the correct answer will be given bragging rights for being the TOP AKGTC SLEUTHS for SEPTEMBER and a brand new e-badge stating just that!

Tell your students to get their detective skills in gear!



  • digital devices
  • interactive Kids’ Guide to Canada map 
  • easy or more challenging clues (emailed to participants each day, and posted on social media)






Day 1   Students in this class live WEST of St. John’s Newfoundland and EAST of Landmark Manitoba.
Day 2   This community is located in a province which borders an ocean or a sea.
Day 3   This community is located in the Appalachian Region of Canada.
Day 4  Students in this class live in one of 2 provinces where French is recognized an an official language.  
Day 5   Jacques Cartier landed in this location in 1535, and was greeted by Mi’kmaq people whose families had been living there for about 10,000 years.



Jour 1  Les élèves de cette classe vivent à l’OUEST de St. John’s Terre-Neuve, et à l’EST de Landmark Manitoba
Jour 2 
 Cette communauté est située dans une province qui borde un océan ou une mer.
Jour 3  Cette communauté est située dans la région des Appalaches du Canada.
Jour 4  Jour 4 Les élèves de cette classe vivent dans une des 2 provinces où le français eest reconnu comme langue officielle
Jour 5 Jacques Cartier est arrivé à cet endroit en 1535 et a été accueilli par des Mi’kmaq dont les familles vivaient là depuis environ 10 000 ans.  



~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~



Day 1   This school is located EAST of the Brokenhead River and WEST of a place called Hole in the Head.
Day 2  This class is located in a province where the latitude of the capital city is above 44 degrees north.
Day 3   This community is located in a region of Canada where the rolling hills are the remains of an ancient mountain range formed about 375 million years ago.
Day 4   If students in this class travelled due East from their community, they would end up swimming in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  
Day 5   Many tourists come to this city to enjoy the scenery, to go boating, and to fish for salmon in one of the 3 local rivers. 



Jour 1   Cette école est située à l’EST de la rivière Brokenhead et à l’OUEST d’une lieu avec la nom « Hole in the Head ».
Jour 2   Cette classe est située dans une province où la latitude de leur ville capitale est supérieure à 44 degrés nord.
Jour 3  Cette communauté est située dans une région du Canada où le roulement de paysage sont les vestiges d’une ancienne chaîne de montagnes formée il y a environ 375 millions d’années.  
Jour 4  Si les élèves de cette classe partaient à l’est de leur communauté, ils finiraient par nager dans le golfe du Saint-Laurent
Day 5  Beaucoup de touristes viennent dans cette ville pour profiter du paysage, faire du bateau et pêcher le saumon sur l’une des 3 rivières locales.   



Who is the class and where are they?

Qui est las classe mystère et où sont-ils?



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