Mystery Class Challenge #3

Mystery Class Challenge #3

Mystery Class Challenge #3

  • Grades:      K-8
  • Date:           Sept. 25 – 29, 2017  (this activity can be completed at any time, although “Top Sleuth” challenge closes Friday Sept. 29.)
  • Submit:     Email your answers to
  • Share:        Upload photographs of students completing the activity to TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, or email to
  • Hashtag:  Please share sudent works, and photographs of your students completing this activity using the hashtag #akgtcsa


To learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada


This week, we’ve selected ONE class from all of the classes who have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada interactive map to be our third Great Canadian Mystery Challenge location.

Please note that the mystery class choices are restricted to classes which have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada map.

Using the 5 clues provided on our website and on social media, your students’ challenge is to discover the mystery class location without extra teacher assistance!

When your students have come up with their FINAL ANSWER, please email it to  Only email submissions will be accepted. Please note that if you submit multiple guesses, only the first answer will be accepted.

All classes identifying the location correctly will be listed on our website below, and the FIRST class in each division (Pr–Jr–Int) to submit the correct answer will

be given bragging rights for being the TOP AKGTC SLEUTHS for SEPTEMBER 

and a brand new e-badge stating just that!

Tell your students to get their detective skills in gear!



PLEASE share photographs of your students in action! 

However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.


#1    This school is located east of the home of a famous Canadian stampede.

#2   The latitude of this school is between 42 and 50 degrees north.

#3:  This school is located in a city that is home to a CFL Canadian Football team.

#4   Our Prime Minister’s office is located in this city.

#5   This class’s community is near a pond that has Canada’s national animal in its name.

CORRECT RESPONSES in order of time stamp

JUNIOR Grades 4-6

  • 1   Grade 5/6  Lakeview PS, Ottawa ON  (Mrs. L. McRae)
  • 2   Grade 4  Kathryn School, Kathryn AB  (Ms. J. Hassett)
  • 3    Grade 5/6  Eaglesham School, Eaglesham AB  (Mrs. J. Collie)
  • 4    Gr 4 + Gr 6  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Nepean ON (Mrs. Y. Krawiecki)