Mystery Class Challenges January 2022

Mystery Class Challenges January 2022

Mystery Class Challenges

January 2022

Submitting final answers:

Teachers: Please use the following form to submit one final answer from your class. If you have groups doing both challenges, please submit complete a form for each separate answer. With thanks!


Submission Deadline:  7 pm Eastern Time each Friday


The names of all classes and schools who correctly identify the Mystery Class of the week will be posted on the Mystery Class Challenge CLUE page by the weekend of that week.

  • Grades:     
    • appropriate for students who can read, know cardinal directions NSEW, and have basic map reading skills: typically grades 3 and up
  • Pages of Clues:          
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    • Please share photographs of your students working on the mystery class challenges to Twitter, Facebook, or Instragram, using the hashtag #akgtcanada or tagging @akgtcanada or A Kids’ Guide to Canada.


  1. Students will develop grade-appropriate knowledge of Canada’s physical and political geography.
  2. Students will develop grade-appropriate map reading skills.
  3. Students will learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.


  • Social Studies/Geography (Communities of Canada, Regions of Canada, Map Reading skills)
  • Literacy (Reading)
  • 21st Competencies/Learning Skills (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Problem-Solving Skills)


Each week we have selected TWO classes from all of the classes who have posted content to the Kids’ Guide to Canada interactive map in order to create 2 different challenges – one at a basic level of difficulty and one at a more advanced level.

One clue for each Mystery Class Challenge will be posted every morning from Monday to Friday on the weekly challenge page (see links below). One clue will be posted for the basic challenge, and one clue will be posted for the advanced challenge. The identity of the Mystery Class for each challenge will be different, so please select the challenge appropriate to your students’ skill level.

Your students will need to use each of the 5 clues to discover the identity of the mystery class. Students can work individually, however having them work in partners or small groups provides students with a rich opportunity for the development of their collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

To solve each week’s challenge, students will need to examine the different class entries on the Kids’ Guide map to find the classes which match the information given in each clue. The 5th and last clue will always provide the one critical piece of information which will determine the final identity of the Mystery Class.


Since the choices for each mystery class are restricted to classes who have uploaded artifacts to the Kids’ Guide to Canada map, access to  Kids’ Guide to Canada map is essential! Do not allow students to try these questions with a normal map of Canada or it will take forever, they will be incredibly frustrated, and they will never be able to solve the mystery correctly!

We believe that students are capable of solving these mystery challenges on their own when provided with clues at an appropriate level of difficulty. A “Listen” button is available at the top of each website page for students having difficulty reading independently. Unfortunately, this function is not available on the map itself.

We have been sadly disappointed in the past to realize a few teachers have either coached their class, given out extra clues, or even solved the puzzle themselves before classes started on the final day!

Please allow your students the pride of working out the answers for themselves.


This activity can be completed as a short daily activity where the suspense builds by the end of the week as the choices get narrowed down. Or all 5 clues can be provided to the students for one longer activity on Friday.


When your students have come up with their FINAL ANSWER, please complete the form which will be posted above.

To make the challenge fair between classes in 6 different time zones across Canada, the form will close at 7 pm Eastern Time each Friday. 

Only the FIRST answer will be accepted from each class so please do not try to submit multiple answers, hoping that one of them will be correct! (-:

CLUE PAGES for students:

Mystery Class Challenge Clues January 10-14th, 2022

Mystery Class Challenge January 17-21th, 2022

Mystery Class Challenge January 24-28th, 2022


First and foremost, this is a mapping challenge for the fun and reward of learning.

Every class to submit a correct answer will be given bragging rights for being the TOP AKGTC SLEUTHS for January 2022, and a class certificate will be sent to you proclaiming this to be so!

Each class identifying the location correctly will also be listed on our website.


Tell your students to get their detective skills in gear!