On the Map


(Class Activity – SA36)

  • Grade:      K-8
  • Date:         Jan. 8 – 12, 2018.   (no deadline)


  • To identify and share important aspects of your local community
  • To help create a unique learning resource for Canadian children – By kids, For kids
  •  To learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities  across Canada.


  • Geography  (Place and location, resources, land use, human development, map reading skills)
  • History         (Change, local community information)
  • Visual Arts  (photography: image composition)


Did you know that you putting your neighbourhood on the map is as simple as uploading a couple of photographs of your local area, or linking to a brief 10 second welcome video you’ve posted on Twitter or elsewhere online?

Nobody can learn about your community,

or connect with your class

until you’re on the map!


This week’s challenge:

Ask your students to decide how they might best introduce your local neighbourhood to the children of Canada in one easy step. (Remember: the purpose is for your students to introduce your community, not your school or themselves!)

Will it be

  • a Welcome video in front of the heart of the neighbourhood or an identifying sign?
  • 3 photos of important places in the neighbourhood?
  • a collage of artwork your students have made showing their favourite places?
  • a 10 second video of students saying “Welcome” in each of the different languages they speak?

Or perhaps your students have already created something that you’ve never gotten around to uploading….

  •             ….your community quilt!   (see SA1)
  •                  …pictures of your school yard     (SA3)
  •                         …students on a walk in the neighbourhood    (SA4 and SA 26)
  •                                     ….students visiting a local historic site  

Find helpful hints on adding student content to the map at Ideas for Uploading Photos and Videos on the Kids’ Guide Map, and in the information videos on Uploading Content to the Map.

This week’s challenge is to put your neighbourhood on the map!






PLEASE share photographs of your students in action! 

However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.