What’s Your Favourite Outdoor Activity?

Download and print the document here: outdooractivity

Grades:  K-8

Date:   March 20, 2017 – N/A (no deadline)    

Time:   12:00am – N/A

Share: 1) Upload pictures to Twitter  or 2) Email to akgtc@gmail.com

Link:   https://akgtcanada.com/favoritestore/

Hashtag:  #akgtcsa5

Objectives/ Learning Goals:

To celebrate uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada

Activity Description:

Show the rest of Canada, near and afar, what outdoor activities are prominent among your students in your community! As you know, no pictures of your students are allowed, so how do you take a picture of an outdoor activity without accidentally revealing a student’s identity? Simple, really! Let your students find a way to represent the activities that they love to do best! Hockey fans? Bring in a piece of equipment (this includes safety equipment like helmets, knee pads, shin pads, etc.). Hiking fans? Bring in some runners or a hat! If your students can’t carry these items to school, no worries! Such activities can be represented in many other ways such as drawing pictures or making sculptures. Maybe you can even find ways to connect this activity to your Arts curriculum!

Then, ask your students to share or send these photographs to you, and as a class select your favourite one. Share this photo on their behalf and help your students share their community with the country!

What makes your local community unique?



While we encourage any and every idea, please be sure to keep student identities (faces and names) out of SA pictures!


Activity Materials:

-documenting tool (e.g camera)