Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Are you a Canadian elementary teacher who would like to help the Kids’ Guide to Canada organizers create a promotional video for the project?

We are looking for photographs of Canadian students welcoming the children of Canada to their community.


It could be photograph of some students holding a large welcome sign they have made themselves in French, English, and Indigenous languages.

We would like the students to make the sign themselves, although suggestions from teachers like making the lettering darker always helps. (Thanks @MitchChampagne and @ImmaculateConception students for creating this example sign.)

For those who don’t wish their children to have their faces posted online – simply a picture of the sign itself would be fantastic!



Or, perhaps your students would want to send a picture of them standing beside a Welcome sign to your community that says

“Welcome to (your neighbourhood, community, province/territory)” .



Or perhaps you’d like to use a photograph of the students participating in a cultural celebration.



Or, it could be anything your students create that welcomes other children to their community!

Please note that you must have parental permission for any students whose faces are visible before posting their image to the internet. Of course, student faces do not need to be visible! A picture of students holding the sign would be good enough!

ENG Welcome Parent Letter and Consent Form


Please complete all editing before sending any photographs, and send your photographs to: