SA31 Remembrance Day Celebrations     

SA31 Remembrance Day Celebrations     

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Remembrance Day Celebrations     SA31


Grade:       K-8
Date:          Nov. 6 -10, 2017.   (* no deadline)
Share:        Upload student work and photographs of students completing the activity to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, or email to
Hashtag:  Please share photographs using the hashtag #akgtcSA



  • Students will learn about and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.
  • Students will learn how to claim credit or attribution for photographs and creative works they are posting to the web, using a basic Creative Commons license.



  • Social Studies (Communities of Canada),
  • Visual Arts (picture composition)
  • Media Literacy (Digital Citizenship, Creative Commons)



This week, we extend a photo challenge for your students to share the Remembrance Day celebrations in your own local neighbourhood community. How does your local community observe Remembrance Day? Do students attend a local parade or a ceremony at a local cenotaph? Is there a statue in your area which commemorates the sacrifices our veterans made? Or do your students have their own way of observing and remembering the men and women who have served our country from within your own community? Please share how your community observes this important Canadian event.


As always, please make sure that your students are the eye of the camera: composing, creating, and selecting the best picture to respond to this week’s challenge!



  • digital devices


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Learning to Credit Student Photographs Online

Why not take an opportunity this week to help students learn how to ensure they get credit for all of their photographs and original works? They can do this very simply by placing a Creative Commons license on all work they are sharing on the internet.


This can be added as text to any type of post on the internet, (i.e. Image by W. May, CC: BY-NC-SA) or they can print it in the bottom corner of a photograph or original work.

Poison Ivy  by  W. May, CC: BY-NC-SA

CC – Creative Commons

BY – this is an original work created BY this person, and it can be used and shared by others, ONLY if the creator is named.

NC – this work may only be used by others for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes on the internet; it may not be used in any way to create an income.

SA – this work may be used and SHARED ALIKE by another person only if they post it with the same license.


Check out the excellent resources on our page on Using the Internet Legally and Ethically, page, and Kids’ Guide video below.


TEACHERS:  What IS the Creative Commons? (3:23 min.) 
by A Kids’ Guide to Canada, 2017,  CC: BY-NC-SA




PLEASE share photographs of your students in action!

However please be sure to keep student identities out of any Special Activity pictures you share!


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