Ce projet est ouvert à tous les enseignants du primaire qui travaillent dans les systèmes éducatifs officiels au Canada de JK à la 8e année (secondaire II). Ce programme comprend les services publics, catholiques, séparés, les écoles privées, fédérales et de réserve des Premières nations, ainsi que les programmes d’éducation alternative tels que les programmes d’éducation et les bibliothèques des hôpitaux. Des adresses électroniques officielles et vérifiables sont requises pour participer au projet.

L’inscription s’ouvre le 1er janvier 2017.

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We’ve receiving numerous inquiries from high school teachers interested in knowing if they can participate in this project as well, of if there is a project like this available for high school students. Strictly speaking, the answer is: not that we’re aware of.

One option for your high school students is to work with younger students in a feeder school nearby. Their leadership and one-on-one assistance in the technical aspects of content creation would be very valuable to so many elementary children — and their teachers!

Also, the Digital Human Library is available to connect and serve Canadian teachers from JK right up to Grade 12. So another option for high school classes would be to use the “dHL” to connect with other teachers, and create your own project to suit your students’ interests and needs.

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3 inspiring high school projects you might like to check out (and please tell us of more…)

Great Canadian Craft  #CDNCraft

What does being a great Canadian look like? Take a look at this innovative

Walk with Us Project    (students using 360• cameras to create and add “street view” images of their northern communities on Google Maps)

Wikwemikong First Nation School Take Part in #CraftReconciliation Challenge   (Minecraft)

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Please contact akgtcanada@gmail.com if you have any other questions or suggestions!