SA4 A Typical Street

What is a typical Street like in your neighbourhood?

Download this activity guide here:    AKGTC SA4 Typical Street

  • Grades:   K-8
  • Date:       March 06, 2017 – N/A (no deadline)    
  • Time:      12:00am – N/A
  • Share:     Upload pictures to Twitter    –  or  –    Email to
  • Hashtag:    #akgtcsa4


Objectives/ Learning Goals:

  • To celebrate similarities and differences of communities across Canada


Activity Description:

Show the rest of Canada, near and afar, what a typical street looks like in your community! Can your students represent a “typical street” in one photo? Or do they have more than one type of typical street, and need to create a collage?

Are there distinctly different sections in your local community? Do you have high-rise apartment buildings? Country farm roads? A newly built residential development? Isolated single family dwellings? Connected row houses?  Forested cottage roads? What do the streets look like in your students’ neighbourhoods?

Ask your students to take some photographs and share them with the class, and then have them decide how they’d like to represent their local neighbourhood. Then share their photo on their behalf and help your students share their community with kids across the rest of the country!  

What makes your local neighbourhood unique?



While we encourage any and every idea, please be sure to keep student faces and names out of SA pictures!


Activity Materials:

  • documenting tools   (e.g camera)