Scavenger Hunt – Challenging

Scavenger Hunt – Challenging

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on the Kids’ Guide to Canada Map


***  IMPORTANT ***

These answers can ONLY be found on the Kids’ Guide to Canada map.

Do not try this on a regular map of Canada!

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16. The name of the Arctic school which posted a video showing the land there is NOT covered by snow all year round!

17.  The name of the town east of Ottawa which posted a slideshow made by students showing photographs and information about their community.

18.  The name of the school located in a large provincial capital city which posted a picture of a student lighting a Canada lantern for their Canada150 celebration. 

19.  The name of the First Nation Treaty or Territory where a BC school posted a poster containing hand-cut snowflakes. 

20.  The name of the school on Mik-maq/Maliseet Territory in the Appalachian Mountains of Canada. 

21.  The name of the prairie river where a school posted a photograph of hoodoos standing above the river valley. 

22. The location of a grade 4 class NORTH EAST of Kingston ON which created an alphabet book all about their community.          

23.  The name of the school where the European explorer John Cabot is believed to have first sighted the land we now call Canada.   

24.  The name of the First Nation community about 180 km north-west of Sioux Lookout whose students posted pictures of the sky on their beautiful Treaty 9 lands.   

25.  The location of the Alberta class that that shared a link to a slide presentation containing photographs and hand-drawn pictures about the businesses and buildings in their city.          

26.  The suburb of Ottawa where a Gr. 6 French Immersion class used a Padlet to post videos en Français about things they value in their local community. 

27.  The name of the Newfoundland school where the main industries are the fishery and the oil and gas industry.

 28.  The name of the Toronto school which posted a video with drawings and a song about all 27 Prime Ministers of Canada.  

 29.  The name of the town where the school posted that they live in the center of Canada!

 30.  The location of the BC school which was built on the traditional lands of the Scia’new, Pacheedaht, and Tsou-Ke First Nations.