Scavenger Hunt – Advanced

Scavenger Hunt – Advanced

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on the Kids’ Guide to Canada Map


***  IMPORTANT ***

These answers can ONLY be found on the Kids’ Guide to Canada map.

Do not try this on a regular map of Canada!

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31.  The title of the First Nation Treaty lands of one Prairie town which is actually made up of two communities separated by a bridge over one of Canada’s longest rivers.

32.   The distance in kilometres between Victoria BC and Landmark Manitoba in kilometers. Hint: Use the measurement’s Distance tool!

33.  The longitude and latitude of Bell Park Academic Centre in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia. Accuracy to 2 decimal places and the directions are required!

34.  The distance in kilometres that you would travel if you flew around the perimeter of the provincial borders of Saskatchewan. Hint: use the measurement’s Distance tool!

35.  The name of the school located in a town in western Canada that is named after the Indigenous People who live there, and has a population of approximately 17,000 people.

36.  The distance in kilometers between Westview School on the Pacific Coast and Woodland Elementary School on the Atlantic Coast.

37.  The number of choices in the Filter Tool to filter the content of the map by Language.

38.  The area in square kilometers of land in southern Ontario within a line drawn from Orillia to Niagara Falls, to Windsor, to Sarnia, to Owen Sound, and back to Orillia.

39.  The longitude and latitude of Blessed Cardinal Newman School in Alberta. Accuracy to 2 decimal places and directions are required!

40. The name of the school with only 52 students which created an awesome green screen video all about their farming community located on the edge of the Boreal Forest.