Scavenger Hunt SA22


Download 1:  AKGTC Scavenger Hunt QUESTIONS

Download 2: AKGTC Scavenger Hunt ANSWERS

Exploring the Kids’ Guide to Canada map:

How many items can your students find?

Grades:   K-8

Date:       Sept. 18 – 22, 2017.    (No submission deadline)


Hashtag:   #akgtcsa



<>  Students will have time to explore the Kids’ Guide to Canada map and become familiar with the map and basic map reading skills.

<>  Students will explore local introduction artifacts by other students, and become interested in connecting and learning with other classes across the country.





This week we invite your students to explore the Kids’ Guide to Canada interactive map by completing a fun Scavenger Hunt in the privacy of your classroom. We’ve created a list of possible items for students to find which you can choose from, depending on the length of time you have available and the skill level of your students. Choose the first 15 easy questions, or choose all 40!

We will send a special electronic e-badge to every participating class whose teacher emails us at, and lets us know they have completed the Scavenger Hunt activity successfully.  



1. Please download the Scavenger Hunt Questions and Answers, and prepare a Scavenger Hunt for your individual class. Simply add or subtract questions for your students as is appropriate to your needs.

2. Point out the link for the new and easier to use Kids’ Guide to Canada map at the top of the Scavenger Hunt for your students.

3. You may wish to have your students work in partners or small groups, as this activity is an excellent opportunity for collaborative learning.

4. Depending on your students, you may also wish to explore the map in general with the class before they begin the Scavenger Hunt, pointing out the different tools which are available for map reading purposes, but not actually searching for any of the items.

5. Please note that allowing students to search for answers on the internet encourages initiative, but defeats the purpose of this activity! 


  • New AKGTC map link:
  • Scavenger Hunt Questions (download) adapted by teacher for individual classroom use
  • Digital Devices with internet access to A Kids’ Guide to Canada map
  • Scavenger Hunt Answers (teacher only download)