What Do You See Out Your School Window?

Download activity guide here:    SA2 School Window

Grades:  K-8

Date:   February 20, 2017 – N/A (no deadline)

Time:   12:00 am – N/A

Share: 1)  Upload pictures to Twitter   or 2)  Email to akgtcanada@gmail.com

Hashtag:  #akgtcsa2

Objectives/ Learning Goals: To celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.

Activity Description:

This winter photo challenge offers your students a chance to take photographs of what they can see of your local community out a window of your school. This could be out a front door window, a classroom window, or even a backdoor window! Have your students share or send these photographs to you. Then, have your students select the photograph that best represents what they see and experience in their daily lives. Share this photo on their behalf, and help them share their community with the country!

What makes your local community unique?


While we encourage any and every idea, please be sure to keep student faces and names out of SA pictures!

Activity Materials: documenting tools (camera)