Seeds of Friendship

Seeds of Friendship

A Kids Guide to Canada


Learning Circles

Spring 2022

Have your students sprout


across Canada!

Engage your students in sprouting edible seeds provided by AKGTC,

and have them share their learning with a small circle of classes from other communities in Canada.



This program will provide participating classes with an opportunity to meet other students in a small circle of classes, and to use a seed sprouting activity as a vehicle to meet and “Sprout Seeds of Friendship” with students from different communities across Canada.

A secondary goal is to help teachers explore the use of connected learning to create rich and engaging learning experiences for students.



  • any K-8 class registered in the Kids’ Guide to Canada program
  • grade-alike circles will be created wherever possible
  • the number of circles will be limited by the number of leaders available


  • most circles will take place in English
  • one Grade 3-6 French Immersion circle will be offered (due to a lack of leaders)

Time Commitment:

  • sufficient class time between May and mid-June to complete the activities
  • the ability to attend the teacher planning meeting is essential in order to co-plan with the teachers in your circle
  • planning meeting: April 20th, 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Other Requirements

  • a commitment to the other classes to participate and complete the activities
  • basic classroom technology and internet service, preferably with a good microphone
  • basic technology skills for teachers: email, google docs, attending online meetings, etc.
  • basic technology skills for students: online meeting etiquette

Class Activities

A. Online Class Sessions: (minimum 2)

  • 2 hosted online class meet-ups:
    • Introductory Class Meet-up
    • Class Meet-up Finale
  • Additional class meet-ups are optional, according to the wishes of the teachers in each circle

B. Sprout a packet of organic edible seeds

  • supplies and full instructions will be mailed to your school by A Kids’ Guide to Canada
  • supplies will include a packet of seeds, cheesecloth, and elastic bands
  • a small extra packet of seeds will also be provided if a teacher wishes to practice before doing the activity with students
  • teachers must supply a clean jar and a supply of fresh water

C. Optional class activities

  • Any additional activities are optional and will be determined by the teachers in each circle, based on time availability, shared interests, and curriculum expectations.
  • These could involve
    • Literacy: writing to students in other classes and reading their responses, writing a brief presentation, etc.
    • Oral Language skills: speaking in a class meet-up, narrating a slide, etc.
    • Science: inquiry into factors affecting plant growth, creating rich questions, etc.
    • Media Literacy: preparing a presentation for a final class meet-up, creating a slide show to introduce your neighbourhood, etc.


If you have not already registered, please do so below.