SA54 Shannen’s Dream

SA54 Shannen’s Dream

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SA54 Shannen’s Dream 

  • Grades:      K-8
  • Date:          November 26-30, 2018. (no deadline, appropriate any time)
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  1. To read and learn about Shannen’s Dream, and relate it to the Rights of the Child (from last week).  Students will learn that young people can make a difference
  2. Students will discuss the rights of children in regards to Indigenous students and their schools in Canada
  3. Students will create and express their dreams for education for all students in Canada
  4. (Optional) Students will investigate Indigenous schools in their community and province or territory.
  5. (Optional) Students will discuss possible solutions and create a plan of action.


  • Geography (identifying location of reserves in Canada)
  • Social Studies (Communities and Needs v.s. Wants; U.N .Rights of the Child)
  • Literacy: Reading, Writing
  • Media Literacy (creating an effective message)
  • Visual Arts (conveying a message)
  • Aboriginal/Indigenous Education (underfunding of First Nation education)
  • History: Learning about Shannen’s dream and researching what has been done to solve these issues and what needs to be done still
  • Math: Education by the numbers (comparing funding for different schools across Canada)
  • Character Ed: Empathy, Taking action



This week’s special activity challenges your students to learn about Shannen’s Dream for equal education for all First Nations students, and think about other Indigenous schools on reserves.  Students will watch a video and/ or read about Shannon’s dream for a “safe and comfy” school on her reserve at Attawaspikat.

Teachers can choose a lesson from the list below to complete with their class. After the lessons, students can create pictures, poems, and essays about their own dreams for education. There is song written about Shannen with lyrics, so students can also sing along to the song. If desired there are also other printable items like word finds, etc. Feel free to share these resources.

If students would like to support the Shannen’s Dream movement, they can do so by sending themir creations to their local Member of Parliament, or share them within your own school community.



  • Video and/or readings (see below)
  • Art supplies and/or writing materials



“Heartspeak about Shannen’s Dream” (Short version – 3 min)

“Heartspeak about Shannen’s Dream”  (Long version – 13 min.)

“Hi-Ho Mistahey!”  NFB, full-length documentary about Shannen’s campaign

“Shannen and Serena Koostachin Nov. 2009” (12 min)  Please note: Charlie Angus’ introduction in 1st minute includes phrase “lazy-assed politicians”.


First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

Project Heart

Kairos Canada

Reconciliation Activities for Children – Shannen’s Dream by Presbyterian Church of Canada  (provides a read-aloud story)


Article: “(Un) Equal Education” Gr. 5-8

Read-aloud story of Shannen’s Dream by Presbyterian Church of Canada

Article: “Shannen and the Dream for a School” by Janet Wilson

Book: “Shannen and the Dream for a School” by Janet Wilson  (9-13 yr olds)



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