Sound Recording/Poem   SA8

Sound Recording/Poem SA8

Sound Recording/Poem   SA8

Download and print the document here: sa8-sound-recordpoem

Grades:  K-8

Date:   April 3, 2017 – N/A (no deadline)

Share: 1) Upload pictures to Twitter   or     2) Email to

Hashtag:    #akgtcsa8

Objectives/ Learning Goals: To celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.

Activity Description:

Get ready… get steady… and let it all out! In preparation for #Music Monday during the first week of May, we’re challenging your students to tinker and try recording something this week! Your students can choose to speak, sing, read aloud, drum, or chant! Let your students pick from a variety of writings which have some connection within your community or, even better, challenge your students to create their own poems, song, or a piece of writing. Students can record this week’s challenge individually or collectively.

Practice it, record it, share it! Let’s hear your students’ voices!


While we encourage any and every idea, please be sure to keep student identities (faces and names) out of all SA pictures!


Activity Materials:

-Any sound recording device available (camera, phone, computer, hand-held recording device, etc.)


-Voice Record (on cell phones and tablets)

-Online voice Recorder (

-Audacity (

-iMovie (

-SpeakerPipe (