4 Weekly Special Activities

4 Weekly Special Activities

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These activities are designed to be short activities (1 class period or less) to help inspire your students to inquire, investigate, and share their nearby community in creative ways at their own skill level — truly BY KIDS and FOR KIDS.

Originally, one activity per week was shared. Now, you and your class are welcome to complete these activities at any time throughout the year.

An archive of previous national student webcasts is available here.


SEPTEMBER – 2017-2018 school year
School Year 2018-19

School Year 2019-2020

  • SA59 “Lucky” visits Regina Saskatchewan (student webcast)
  • SA60 “Lucky” visits Surrey BC (student webcast)
  • SA61 “Ace” visits Neepawa Manitoba (student webcast)
  • SA62 Mystery Class Challenge #10
  • SA63 “Ace” visits Nepean Ontario (student webcast)
  • SA64 “Lucky” visits Whitehorse Yukon (student webcast)
  • SA65 “Ace” visits Deer Island, New Brunswick (student webcast)
  • SA66 “Lucky” visits Newfoundland (student webcast)