Uploading Student Artifacts

Uploading Student Artifacts

These two little mini-videos will tell you everything you need to know about uploading your students’ work by filling in the Artifact Entry Form.   

Please save yourself any trouble and watch them before you begin!


.1.   Uploading Student Entries: Filling out the Form

This first little video gives valuable tips and tricks for filling out the Artifact Entry Form.  

It explains each question on the form, how to answer them, and why it’s important you answer each question accurately.

2.   Uploading photographs, videos and links to websites,  and locating your artifacts on the map

This second little video explains

  • how to upload your student PHOTOGRAPHS directly to the form 
  • what to do with VIDEOS and LINKS to websites, and
  • how to use the MAP tools to locate your artifacts on the interactive map.

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