Uploading Student Artifacts

These two videos are critical to uploading student artifacts successfully using the Artifact Entry Form.

Please save yourself a lot of trouble, and watch them before you begin!



1.   Filling out the Form
This first little video gives valuable tips and tricks for filling out the Artifact Entry Form.  

It explains each question on the form, how to answer them, and why it’s important you answer each question accurately.


2.   Uploading photographs, videos and links to websites,  and locating your artifacts on the map

This second little video explains

  • how to upload your student PHOTOGRAPHS directly to the form 
  • what to do with VIDEOS and LINKS to websites, and
  • how to use the MAP tools to locate your artifacts on the interactive map.


3.   ADDING NEW ARTIFACTS to an existing entry

There are 2 different ways to add new artifacts to the interactive AKGTC map.  To figure out which method you should use, please answer the following question:

Are these artifacts significantly different from my first artifact entry?

i.e. Are these artifacts from a different class, or are they from the same class but on a different topic, or in a different language, or in different format

A.   If THEY ARE BASICALLY THE SAME – If they are from the same class, in the same language, and on the same basic topic (for example “place”), please send an email with the photographs and/or any links you’d like to add to the national team at the akgtcanada@gmail.com account. We will add them to your entry. Please make sure you tell us your name, your community, school name to help us find your original entry!

B.   If THEY ARE SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT IN ANY WAY  — please upload your new student artifacts on a NEW artifact entry form so they will be searchable and your students’ content will show up in the results of map searches.

  • Example A: if you uploaded photographs the first time around, but this time you are uploading a music video of your students performing a song, it would be better to upload this separately under “Music” so that it will be found when someone searches for music on the map.
  • Example B: if you uploaded English content the first time, but this time you are uploading content in French or an Indigenous language, please upload your new content on a separate artifact entry so that it will be found when someone does a search for French or Indigenous language content. 
  • Example C: if you have already uploaded content from one class, and now you want to upload content by a class in a different grade, please upload your new content on a separate artifact entry so that it will be found when someone is searching for content by grade level.


If you have questions, please contact the National Organizing Team at akgtcanada@gmail.com

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