KidsMeet Canada Student Webcasts Details

KidsMeet Canada Student Webcasts Details




“KidsMeet Canada”

Live National Student Webcast Series

by A Kids’ Guide to Canada



Helping K-8 students meet and learn
from Canadian classes from coast to coast!

Click HERE to see the archive of past KidsMeet Canada webcasts.

There are 3 ways for you and your students to participate:

Participate in the LIVE AUDIENCE and have students submit questions and comments in a live chat.

WATCH the RECORDING after the fact.

Volunteer to have your students PRESENT your local area on camera in one of our live webcasts.





  • Entirely free for all K-8 classes in Canada


  • Classes in the audience are NOT on camera, so no special parent/ guardian consent is required. See below for further information.


A   Students

  1. to learn about communities in different parts of Canada from the students who actually live there
  2. to meet children in these communities, and to discover their differences and similarities
  3. to encourage, showcase, and celebrate K-8 student voice
  4. to demonstrate the power of connection as an exciting tool for collaborative learning and building positive relationships with others
  5. to learn and have fun with other classes of students across Canada!

B   Teachers

  1. to help teachers provide an authentic opportunity for intercultural learning for your students
  2. to help teachers learn about connected learning as a way to engage and enrich student learning in any curriculum area
  3. to learn and have fun with like-minded teachers across Canada!

C  For Parents, Administrations, and School Communities of presenting classes
1.  to view the rich and meaningful learning experiences of K-8 students connecting across Canada for the purpose of learning


  • Grades 2-8 
  • Note: Kindergarten to Grade 1 classes are very welcome to attend! Teachers are encouraged to monitor their attention span, depending on the content and the length of the webcast.


  • Webcasts dates depend on the availability of the presenting classes
  • Timing is generally between 12 noon and 1:30 Eastern Time to allow classes from all 6 Canadian time zones to partipate in the live event: 9:00-10:30 a.m. in BC/YU, and 1:30-3 pm in NL)
  • Length is generally 25-40 minutes depending on the number of presenting classes

TYPICAL AGENDA:  (Moderated by 2-3 AKGTC teacher hosts)

  1.   Introductions and instructions for audience
  2.   Class presentations of life in their local area
  3.   Moderated live chat throughout the class presentation/s, where classroom teachers in the audience are invited to post their students’ questions for the upcoming Q+A.
  4.   Q+A: questions from the audience will be selected and posed to the student presenters to involve as many classes as possible.
  5.   Closing: Thanks, and Next Steps!


  • KidsMeet Canada webcasts are currently live-streamed on YouTube:  no account or previous experience is necessary, as teachers simply share their screen with students.


  • Webcasts are by invitation only: teachers must obtain the unlisted link to participate
  • Webcasts are recorded and posted in the webcast archive for later viewing
  • Teachers of the presenting class may share the link of the live event and recording with their students’ families so that they can view their children’s presentations. 


TEACHERS of both all classes should have ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT to be certain participating in this kind of activity meets all local Acceptable Use Policies. Please see below for details.

STUDENTS in the AUDIENCE are not camera. No special permission is required beyond the standard parent/guardian permissions required for classroom use of the internet under your school district’s Acceptable Use Policies

STUDENT who are PRESENTING REQUIRE PARENT or GUARDIAN CONSENT: A special Kids’ Guide consent form will be provided.

Any students who will present or be visible on camera during the webcast must have parental/guardian consent to participate in a video-conference with individuals outside of the student’s class. Individual students are not identified by name and have no access to others, however members of the audience will know that the presenting students attend a particular school in a particular location.

Future webcasts COMING THIS SPRING

KidsMeet a Spring Backyard Challenge! – April 2022

KidsMeet Canada en français (French Immersion) – May 2022

KidsMeet Nova Scotia – May 2022

KidsMeet Newfoundland – early June 2022

Please contact us if you would be interested in having your students present life in your local area in one of these upcoming KidsMeet Canada webcasts.

We have many ideas for future webcasts, however in order for these to happen, we need classes to present them!

  • Language
    • KidsMeet Canadian Poetry
    • KidsMeet in (Indigenous Language)
  • Geography and Physical Regions
    • KidsMeet the Rockies
    • KidsMeet PEI
    • KidsMeet Quebec
    • KidsMeet the Pacific Coast
    • KidsMeet Cape Breton Island
    • KidsMeet Newfoundland
    • KidsMeet the Yukon
    • KidsMeet the Boreal Forest
    • KidsMeet (a Great Canadian River)
  • Cultures
    • KidsMeet Black History   
    • KidsMeet ….. First Nation Reserves 
    • KidsMeet ….. Métis Communities
    • KidsMeet ….. Inuit Communities
    • KidsMeet a Forestry Town in Canada
    • KidsMeet a Mining Town in Canada
    • KidsMeet a Fishing Village
  • Environmental Issues
    • KidsMeet Canadian Wildlife
    • KidsMeet Student Habitat Conservation Efforts
    • KidsMeet Clean Water
    • KidsMeet Citizen Science
    • KidsMeet (environmental issue)
  • Social Issues
    • KidsMeet Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity
    • KidsMeet Sustainable Development Goals
    • KidsMeet Canadian Immigration
    • KidsMeet Human Rights
  • Grade Level Connections 
    • Kindergarten KidsMeet Canada
    • Primary KidsMeet Canada
    • Intermediate KidsMeet Canada

Do you have a suggestion?

Please contact us if you have a webcast topic to suggest, or if you would be interested in having your students present life in your local area.

We hope you will join us for our live webcasts
connecting Canadian classrooms across the country!

Click here to go to the ARCHIVE of previous KidsMeet Canada webcasts



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