What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

What’s for Dinner?

  • Grades:      K-8
  • Date:           May 22, 2017  —  (no deadline)
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  • Hashtag:  Please share student works, and photographs of your students completing this activity using the hashtag #akgtcsa


To celebrate uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada


With Canada having so many diverse geographic regions across the country, families eat many of the same foods, and many that are different. What is a typical dinner meal in your neighbourhood at this time of year? Is it influenced by weather and local resources? 

Challenge your students to create a picture of a typical dinner plate for people in their neighbourhood at night on a weekday at this time of year. They can use any materials available to them and make their picture by hand or they can use a camera!




PLEASE share photographs of your students in action!

However, please be sure to keep student identities out of any special activity pictures you share.