4 Word Web

4 Word Web

4 Word Web

Download and print the document here: wordweb

Grades:  K-8

Date:   March 1, 2017 – N/A (no deadline)

Time:   12:00 am – N/A

Share: 1) Upload pictures to Twitter  or  2) Email to akgtc@gmail.com

Hashtag:  #akgtcsa5

Objectives/ Learning Goals: To celebrate uniqueness and diversity of communities across Canada.

Activity Description:

In this simple activity, your students will create a mind map of words that describe and explain their community. This can be done either virtually OR by hand! To create a Word Web, your students will write down the name of where you live (city, town, hamlet, village, etc.) in the centre of the page. Then, your students will brainstorm as many words as possible that describe and represent the area that you and your students live in (e.g. names of favorite stores, popular activities, parks, your students’ favorite places to play, etc.). Next, your students will write these words in the open space surrounding the name of your area, as in the exemplar below. Depending on whether the Word Web is created virtually or by hand, it can either be downloaded, screen shot, or simply taken a picture of! All that’s left is uploading the Word Web to the Twitter feed or sending it to us by Email!

Let your students show the rest of Canada who they are, what they love, and where they live!




While we encourage any and every idea, please be sure to keep student identities confidential – no names!

Activity Materials:

  • Computer or iPad (or something similar)
  • Paper and Markers

Resource: https://bubbl.us/